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Alistair Stuart

2016-10-25 16:01:00

One month left of recruitment for 100 For Parkinson's

100 For Parkinson's continues to recruit patients and we now have 4,114 participants taking part across the United Kingdom and the United States. Thank you to everyone who has joined and tracked their own health for 100 days to help understand more about Parkinson's.

Of our participants, 39% have told us that they have Parkinson's, 6% care for someone with Parkinson's and 56% are people who don't have Parkinson's. We have captured over 1.24 million symptoms data points as part of the study and hundreds of thousands of other participant-generated data points from diary entries, medication tracking and neurology games scores.

It's time to put these data into the hands of the researchers so that they can look at what the data is telling us so we'll be closing the study to new people from the 1st December 2016. We need your help to spread the word about the study and get as many people as possible taking part before this date.

Once the final people have finished tracking their 100 days, the data will also be made available to academics and others after careful vetting of the research by the Parkinson's charities who have been fantastic at supporting the study . 100 For Parkinson's have been approached already by academics at Sheffield University, Oxford University and elsewhere about ideas for using the dataset to uncover more.

Ideas for the final month of the study
As always, we're looking for new ways to support the study and get as many people taking part as possible. Please let us know if you have suggestions at