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Alistair Stuart

2016-07-13 14:07:00

How digital technology will make people powered health a reality

The CEO of uMotif spoke to the Guardian last week about 100 For Parkinson's and everything that the study hopes to achieve.

How digital technology will make people powered health a reality

Various studies and projects have already recruited thousands of people, contributing millions of data points

Shop online? Watch movies online? Book your flights online? Keep in touch with friends online? Manage your health online? If you're like most people, you'll have answered β€œyes” to four of those questions but probably not to the last and arguably most important one. But change is happening that will soon make digital health management normal, expected and demanded by each of us.

During the last three years at uMotif, we've been working with clinicians, academics, patients and patient groups across 14 clinical conditions in the UK, US and Australia. We've been building, testing and refining our platform for digital health management. This work has proven to us that there is huge demand and potential for digital technology to empower and engage people in self-management and enhancement of their care.

As with any other industries, there are significant improvements when services are centred around people. No longer are nurses, doctors, carers and – most importantly – patients, happy with the status quo. A status quo when too many patients are discharged with too little information or support. At best, being provided with an impersonal photocopied information leaflet, and in most cases given no tools to support health management, and recovery, or enhance follow-up appointments.

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