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Dr Rashmi Narayana

2016-04-11 11:14:00

For World Parkinson's Day, we took a look at some of the first data to emerge from 100 For Parkinson's

Today is #WorldParkinsonsDay so we took a look at some of the early data from 100 For Parkinson's all generated by people's smartphones

Which countries have expressed an interest in taking part? Which parts of the USA and UK have the most people volunteering?

What are people's motivations for taking part and what do they think influences their health?

Where in the UK do people have the least stress? The best mood? The best quality of sleep?

All of this insight comes without even starting to analyse who has Parkinson's and who doesn't in the study because we need even more volunteers to help make the insights more valuable.

Invite your friends, family and colleagues to take part and together lets build a data set that can truly deliver novel insight into Parkinson's!