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Alistair Stuart

2016-03-05 13:50:00

100 For Parkinson's - Your Study, Your Science

If you click on the image below, you'll be able to explore a visualisation of the symptoms and health aspects that the first people joining the study chose to track. You can see the pairs of symptoms that everybody chose, expressed as a percentage of people taking part.

So for example the first Column shows Alcohol Consumption and the sixth row shows Caffeine Intake. If you hover your mouse over this box, then you'll see that 9.0% of people chose to track this pair of health aspects. Similarly, the second column shows Balance and the ninth row shows Energy Levels. Hover over the box and you can see that 8.3% of people chose to track this pair of health aspects.

The colours also show the number of people – the darker the colours, the more people chose this pair of symptoms.

Where a single aspect intersects (e.g. the first row and column – Alcohol Consumption) this shows what percentage of people chose this aspect – 28.6% of people are tracking how much they drink!

Take a look at the data – what do you think? Are there any surprising correlations? Have your say on the data on twitter using #100forparkinsons and help drive a discussion about all of our health!

Click the image to explore the data:

100 For Parkinson's - Explore the Data